Join Best Seller Author of Saving Your Brain – Dr. Kelly Miller, NMD in a LIVE webinar presentation on Restoring and Rehabilitating the Brain for ADHD and Autism Spectrum

Dr. Kelly Miller, NMD of Saving Your Brain shares his 40+ of clinical experience in functional medicine and multiple certifications in integrative medicine to design a unique program that addresses the main cause of ADHD and Autism Spectrum. As the leading brain training center in Florida and Kansas City, Saving Your Brain is helping patients with ADHD and Autism experience great improvements. Watch this informative 30-minute live webinar to learn about the unique programs offered.

Learn about how these advancements in technology can help rebalance the brain back so your child or someone you love can experience a better life.

Watch this recorded LIVE presentation

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Attendees receive:


  • A consultation with Dr. Kelly Miller after taking a brief questionnaire
  • Be enrolled in our informative easy and secure telehealth portal to receive valuable weekly information for nutrition, exercises and tips to manage your brain disorder
  • Receive the Brain Mapping experience at a discounted rate
  • Get a customized 6-week program for Balancing the Brain
  • Receive a FREE Ebook copy of Saving Your Brain

About Kelly Miller, NMD

Kelly Miller, NMD is considered an expert on the multi-disciplinary treatment of chronic pain and inflammation, and many chronic illnesses and diseases that a singular approach often fails to resolve.

Miller is currently offering Aging and Regenerative, Functional Diagnostic Medicine, and Functional Neurology services through a private membership association.

  • *Licensed in Missouri in Chiropractic and Acupuncture. “Certified Health Coach” in Florida.

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