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We are so proud to share many of patient testimonials over the years. Kelly Miller, NMD has changed the lives of many families, individuals., children, and teens. We hope that these experiences will help you understand how corrections to imbalances in the brain may improve anxiety, stress, insomnia, and brain function. Each patient experience is unique and patients are not paid to share their testimonies.

Dr Miller has been a pivotal resource of knowledge, support, and help in my health challenges journey. He is kind and understanding and has a wealth of knowledge that never cease to amaze me. I am eternally thankful to him and his guidance in a time of uncertainty he definitely was the stable terminal that got me through it. He will work with you to figure out the best approach to help restore your health and vitality. Thank you Dr. Miller.”

Tahane S.

Tampa, Florida

Dr. Kelly Miller in Temple Terrace, FL is an excellent Natural Healer. He gives thorough exams and prescribes just the right supplements for whatever health issues you have.”

Sarah N.

Tampa, Florida
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Initial Brain Assessment – $395


Neurological Exam

Balance Tracking System

QEEG Brain Mapping

Right Eye Tracking

Interactive Metronome

Cognitive Testing

Detailed Report of Findings

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