According to Dr. Melillo – Author of Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Neurological Disorders, brain researcher, clinician, university professor, radio and TV host, we can not rely on list of symptoms alone to identify what your child’s problems are or what activities a child should do to resolve them.

Take a look at the case with Lincoln – our 2 1/2 year old child who is experiencing developmental delays.

Watch how Kelly Miller, NMD helps Lincoln with the customized protocol at Saving Your Brain center.

Day 1:

Pelvic lifts help develop central core strength which is necessary for him to be able to sit up. This is day 1. Lincoln was not able to hold his head up or stationary.

The Treatment:

His head control was like a 1 to 2 month old. Dr Kelly Miller gives instructions to mom and dad of 2 1/2 year old Lincoln for home therapy. They also have the Avant laser with Saving your Brain proprietary settings. Lincoln has a right hemispheric weakness and is receiving sensory input on his left arm and leg with the rezzimax and metronome in his left ear at 54 bpm.

Day 2:

Lincoln had no head control the day before. After his second treatment, he is able to hold head up and turn it sitting in moms lap!

Kelly Miller, NMD who is certified in the Melillo Method has helped hundreds of children and taught thousands of doctors in his lectures and summits on this very same theory. We must take a functional approach when accessing a child’s neurological development. There may be brain imbalances that need to be corrected. At an early age, warning signs already exist that may be present during infancy and early childhood. These signs serve to helps us uncover developmental delays that are present:

Extremely Low Muscle Tone

The first sign is extremely low muscle tone. This is often first observed when an infant cannot properly suckle at the breast.

Delay in Rolling Over

A child should roll over easily and to both sides at around three to five months. If this does not happen on time, it is a sign that a brain imbalance might already exist.

Digestive Problems

A child has problems with bowel movements and constipation and/or has a problem with formula, especially dairy and possibly soy-based products. He may also have reflux.

Eczema / Chronic Ear Infections

A baby or toddler develops eczema or chronic ear infections.

Not Crawling Correctly

Crawling is a commando type of crawl – arm-over-arm propulsion forward with the trunk on the ground and legs dragging. Crawling is usually seen at seven to nine months. Creeping is crawling on hands and knees with trunk off the ground. Creeping is usually seen at eight to twelve months. Anything else, such as scooting on the bottom, rolling instead of crawling, or dragging one leg, is a red flag.

Skipping Crawling Altogether / Walking Too Early

Children should be walking at eleven to thirteen months. In my experience, walking earlier or later than this age signifies a developmental delay. This is counter to conventional thinking that puts the walking window at eleven to sixteen months. The only exception is a child who was born immature could learn to walk as late as they were early to arrive – that is, if the child was one month premature, then walking at fourteen months would be considered normal.

Signs of a brain deficiency can show up early – and more and more evidence suggests that in some if not most children, it begins even before they are born. Many clues can be found when looking back at your child’s development history and pregnancy. Our primitive reflex exercises may help provide insight as to whether your child has a brain imbalance and if it is due to a left or right brain delay. These are not diagnostic tools but rather resources to help you better understand the issues and how they relate to the brain. A more thorough assessment should be conducted by our trained professional.

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