Which part of the brain is affected for ADHD patients?

ADD/ADHD is known for a set of behaviors that include hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity. It can affect academic achievements (1), relationships with friends and family (2) and even cause low self-esteem. The more research that is being done on Spectrum Disorders, the more awareness is being made that the disorder is neurologically based, specifically in the brain. If you’ve read any previous articles you’ll have discovered there are many different types of ADD due to the different parts of the brain that are affected. During this event, we are going to cover left brain vs. right brain and how each function in those with ADD/ADHD.

Often we make the assumption that ADD/ADHD is a right hemispheric disconnect. We have two hemispheres to our brain; the right and the left. Through neuronal projections and the corpus callosum the different hemispheres speak to one another for appropriate body function. When there are weaknesses in one part of the brain it cannot communicate with the rest of the brain very well. This is where we see a break down in behavior, thoughts, movement and even metabolic functions. The reason behind the statement that ADD/ADHD is a right hemisphere issue is due to the development of the brain. Interested in learning more?

At Saving Your Brain, mapping out which areas of the brain are imbalanced and correcting those areas to improve brain function is what we specialize it. 


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