EMF Warnings for Your Brain

The many health risks for the brain associated with cell phone and WI-FI are real and should be taken seriously. Here are quotes from several researchers and organizations concerning these health risks.

  • “Any possible health effects of the ELF-EMFs would be of concern because power lines and electrical devices are present everywhere in modern life, and people are constantly encountering these fields, both in their homes and in certain workplaces. Also, the presence of ELF-EMFs in homes means that children are exposed. Even if ELF-EMFs were to increase an individual’s risk of disease only slightly, widespread exposure to ELF-EMFs could translate to meaningful increased risks at the population level.”13 – National Cancer Institute.
  • “ Cells in the body react to EMFs as potentially harmful, just like other environmental toxins including heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The DNA in living cells recognizes electromagnetic fields at very low levels of exposure and produces a biochemical stress of response.”14 – Dr. Reba Goodman, PhD, professor emeritus, clinical pathology, Columbia University.
  • “Children are more vulnerable to RF/MW [radio wave/microwave] radiation because of the susceptibility of their developing nervous systems. RF/MW penetration is greater relative to head size in children, who have a greater absorption of RF/MW energy in the tissues of the head at W-Fi frequencies. Such greater absorption results because children’s heads are thinner, their brains are smaller, and their brain tissue is more conductive than those of adults since it has a higher water content and concentrations.”15 – Dr. David O. Carpenter, MD, director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany and co-editor of the Biointiative Report.
  • “Radio frequency radiation and other forms of the electromagnetic pollution are harmful at orders of magnitude well below existing guidelines. Science is one of the tools society uses to decide health policy. In the case of telecommunications equipment, such as cell phones, wireless networks, cell phone antennas, PDAs, and portable phones, the science is being ignored. Current guidelines urgently need to be re-examined by government and reduced to reflect the state of the science. There is an emerging public health crisis at hand and time is of the essence.”16 – Dr. Magda Havas, PhD, associate professor, environment and resource studies, Trent University.
  • “Exposure to radio-frequency, or RF, radiation is a major risk of cellphone use. Manufacturers have a legal duty to provide warnings that are clear and conspicuous when products raise health and safety concerns. But, typically, RF safety instructions are buried in user manuals with tiny print, hidden within smartphones, or made available on the internet.”17 – Dr. Joel Moskowitz, PhD, director of the Center for Family and Community Health, University of California, Berkley.
  • “There are many examples of the failure to use the precautionary principle in the past, which have resulted in serious and often irreversible damage to health and environments. Appropriate, precautionary and proportionate actions taken now to avoid plausible and potentially serious threats to health from EMF are likely to be seen as prudent and wise from future perspectives.”18 – Jacquie McGlade, chief scientist, United Nations Environment Program.
  • “I do think that the amount of radiation exposure we get these days is exponentially higher than we did 15-20 years ago. So anything you can do to limit your exposure to radiation is a good idea. But I don’t think you need to give up these products. I try not to put the laptop directly on my lap, I try not to put the cell phone in my ear.”19 – Dr. Sanjay Gupta, MD, CNN chief medical correspondent.
  • “The biggest problem we have is that we know most environmental factors take several decades of exposure before we really see the consequences.”20 – Dr. Keith Black, chairman of neurology at Cedars- Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles.

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