Gary and Anita Munoz, parents of Ryan, their 6-year old son who is diagnosed with 18Q Deletion Syndrome, share their experience and unexpected change in behavior after going through a 4-day program at Saving Your Brain Tampa.

After doing some research on Google for his son, Gary Munoz found Kelly Miller, NMD of Saving Your Brain, certified in the Melillo Method. Gary did his research well and read Dr. Melillo’s Disconnected Kids Book and decided to take the next step to bring his son in for an assessment.

The Melillo Method is a way to help people with learning and behavior issues caused by problems in their brain and nerves. It uses exercises, chiropractic care, and different types of stimulation to help improve the connection between other parts of the brain and create balance.

With much hope and relief, Ryan responded very well to the customized programs and went through the various tests to measure the weak areas in his brain, eye coordination, balance, and more. His family reported that Ryan improved within days and started becoming more interactive, independent, and engaging.

We are so happy to share his progress and will continue to work with the Munoz family on some home exercises they can to to continue his treatment. Watch this success story video on as Ryan’s family shares his remarkable progress and experience at Saving Your Brain in Tampa.

The 18q deletion syndrome is a very heterogeneous condition with a highly variable phenotype, generally characterized by mental retardation, short stature, hypotonia, hearing impairment, dysmorphic features, low levels of immunoglobulin A, and growth hormone deficiency. (Source: National Library of Medicine).

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