Teenage Mental Health Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted everyone, from personal to financial. However, the group that experienced the most severe impact are teenagers. Being a teenager is already fraught with big changes and challenges, but the isolation caused by social distancing has had large detrimental effects on the mental health of society’s most susceptible group. 

The lives of teenagers are filled with social events such as prom, school performances, graduation, etc. These fun social events that allow them to grow and interact with others were canceled and replaced with virtual learning and in many cases complete isolation from friends. By the age of 18, 1 in 3 adolescents meets the requirements for anxiety disorder regardless of a global pandemic. Yet when asked, 46% of parents stated that their teens exhibited signs of a negative decline in mental health. Adolescents are already one of the largest groups that are impacted with mental health issues, coupled with the past year of social isolation and it should be no surprise that there is a clear decline in mental health.

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In a nationwide poll conducted with the parents of teens (shown above), it shows that 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 teen boys are showing the signs of some decline of mental health or displaying symptoms of a mental health condition.

Pandemic Depression 1

What Can Parents Do To Help?

Opening the conversation about the mental health of our loved ones is important, but what can we do to help? Certain methods that experts recommend are being more relaxed with family/house rules. Being stuck inside constantly has caused many people to become more depressed, or emotional. Allowing a bit more freedom when it comes to meeting with friends or spending more time on social media for some form of interaction is said to have greatly helped in managing their mental health.

With the pandemic nearing the end many people are struggling to regain stability back in their lives and that starts with your brain. Everyone, especially teens, have had their mental health thrown around with constant negative impacts and very little support to lift them back up. Here at Saving Your Brain, we will put all of our effort into getting your life back on track and balancing your brain to better move forward post pandemic and feel better then you ever have.

Here are some main services offered at Saving Your Brain after the Initial Brain Assessment is taken to determine which areas of the brain is unbalanced and affected.