The Aging Brain Revealed

An exclusive replay of the Better Brain program featuring Amazon best seller author and founder of Saving Your Brain centers – Dr. Kelly Miller, NMD reveals it all in this educational presentation on the Aging Brain.

This segment of the Better Brain Summit is for anyone concerned about cognitive decline, dementia, ADHD and other brain dysfunction. We welcome Dr. Kelly Miller, one of the country’s foremost experts in brain health and preventing cognitive decline as we age.

Tune in and learn:

  • The seven stages of Alzheimer’s
  • How poor posture can indicate brain dysfunction
  • Why medications for the treatment of cognitive decline don’t usually work
  • The connection between mold and brain health
  • The in-office testing designed to save your brain
  • Tools you can use to improve brain function – Brain Tap, Neurofeedback, Brain Tap, and more
Better Brain Summit





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Take a sneak peek at what Dr. Miller will be discussing during the program with host, Dr. Patrick Porter from the Better Brain Summit

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