LZ30-Z Laser Therapy

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The LZ30 Laser Therapy is developed, designed, and manufactured Avant Wellness Systems, Inc.. The Class 3B therapy lasers are used for non-invasive therapy. Avant does not provide medical advice or make any specific treatment claims other than the FDA cleared indications: for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain, or muscle spasm and the temporary increase in local blood circulation; and the temporary relaxation of muscles. 

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I was a field investigator in 1996 for the first FDA cleared cold laser, The Microlight 830. It was cleared to treat carpal tunnel syndrome after 2 double blind studies. I have used lasers continuously since 1996. We even have a 14watt laser in the clinic. However, the Avant LZ30- Z, is the most versatile laser I have ever seen. I use it on every patient every visit. It always delivers outstanding results.

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How do I charge my Laser?

The battery inside the laser is lithium ion and has circuitry to protect itself during charging. It is suggested that the laser be charged overnight when the battery reaches approximately 50%, so usage is not interrupted due to insufficient charge in the battery to operate the device, but this is not mandatory for usage. When the battery reaches 30% capacity, and again at 10%, the laser will give a sound and visual warning. It is not recommended to operate the laser when it is connected to the charger.

When should I use the laser in Infrared mode?

Infrared (IR) mode is used for a therapeutic tissue response. Therapy will address the reduction in symptoms such as pain and inflammation. The light will be absorbed deeper in the tissue than the Red (R) light mode. When using the laser in IR, which is invisible to the human eye, a red tracer beam has been added to avoid accidental eye exposure.

Do I have to hold the laser in one spot or can I wave it over the entire area?

It is a matter of personal preference, but there are distinct advantages of holding the laser in one spot as opposed to “painting” or “scanning” the area. The laser should be against the skin when possible. Doing so will increase the dose of light entering the target tissue. The further away the laser is away from the skin, the greater the area that is exposed, but at the cost of a decreased concentration of light at the desired treatment point. It is not advised to contact the skin if there is a condition present that precludes you from touching the skin with the laser (i.e., shingles, open wounds, etc.).


Another advantage is that you will experience less muscle fatigue from supporting the laser with your arm instead of resting it on the body part to be treated.

How long should I laser an area?

If the goal is to reduce pain or inflammation, it is suggested that the first treatment should be approximately two minutes per area. If there is no reduction in pain, add a minute or two the second treatment. Increase until there is a reduction in pain. Usually, 2-7 minutes is the range of effectiveness, but results may vary depending on the skin pigmentation and body size.

What can I do to make the laser treatment more effective?

To assist in the effectiveness of a laser treatment with the LZ30-P/X/Z, it is recommended to be adequately hydrated (rule of thumb is ½ your body weight, in ounces, per day). Proper balance of electrolytes (mainly potassium & magnesium) and low stress also may help your body utilize the laser light energy.

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